Why does everyone hate writing business procedures?

It’s funny when I speak to business owners about the stuff that annoys them during their work day.

Almost everyone I speak to mentions the following three things they get annoyed with:

Too many meetings.

People not knowing what they should be doing.

Systems breaking down.

All of these inefficiencies, believe it or not, can be solved by one thing: great business procedures.

Great procedures mean that tasks are done the same way, every time. Everyone knows what to do, when to do it, and who to contact.

This means fewer meetings, more competent people, and a system to follow (as well as what to do when the system breaks down!)

So why don’t more businesses write them?

Because they’re boring. They’re dry. And they take quite a lot of time – particularly if you haven’t written any yet.

So businesses stay stuck in the same place, with inefficient processes and a workforce that is disempowered and ineffective.

Does this sound like a business that you’d be happy working in? Or worse….does this sound like your business? :O

This lame attempt at a scare tactic actually plays out across most small and medium-sized businesses around the world.

It’s why most businesses stay small, even though they might want to grow large. It’s also why most business owners are stressed, overworked, and underpaid.

Meanwhile, the ones who get this right barely have to touch their super-successful business operations because other people are running great processes, procedures, and systems for them – day in, day out.

So when your business is starting to get traction, it’s time to knuckle down and start documenting how you do what you do, and that natural urge to avoid doing it starts jumping around in your mind, think about which business owner you’d rather be.

The overworked, underpaid, stressed-out owner whose employees hate working there?

Or the relaxed, hands-off, inspiring owner whose processes enable an empowered, connected, and productive environment that your employees rave about?

I know which one I’d rather be – and it drives me to do the unsexy things to get there.

If you want to learn how to write great processes – or even need a helping hand in writing them – reach out and speak to one of our team today.

This is why we’re in business – to help you run yours better.

Speak soon,

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